Northern England Clinical Senate

Senate Council

Membership of the Senate Council is multi-professional and includes nominated members, recruited members and represenatatives from NHS England Area Teams.  Members are recruited based on their credibility and experience in their particular professions, they are not appointed to represent their organisations, one of the main strengths of the Senate is its independence.

The Senate Council forms the core steering group and is supported by the Senate Assembly (the Assembly is mainly brought together virtually depending on the topic).  The national framework for Senates recommends the size of the Council to be 30-40 members; the Northern England Clinical Senate Council is currently made up of 40 members from across our region.

Membership must comprise: multi-professional clinicians; NHS commissioners and providers; clinical networks; patient and public groups; public health and social care specialists; educationalists and third sector representatives, all of these groups are represented on the Northern England Clinical Senate.

Appointment of members is carried out through a fair and transparent process and overseen by Area Team Medical Director with professional input as appropriate; members are appointed for two to three years to ensure continuity.

An important role of the Senate is to provide clinical assurance in NHS England’s assurance process.  This was a role previously provided by NCAT, (National Clinical Advisory Team), who formally disbanded in April 2014.  The Senate may be called upon to provide input to assurance of service reconfigurations across their regions or into other regions if this is appropriate.

Below are important documents and a list of our council members: